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Disk configuration for VM guests in KVM / qemu

For KVM / qemu virtualization there are 2 settings to optimize performance for the virtual disks within the VM guest:

Cache mode
IO mode

In VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) if you create a new VM guest these are both set to "default". For newer versions of KVM / qemu thisĀ default seems to be:

Cache mode: writeback
IO mode: threads

The preferred configuration for both settings depends on the kind of storage you use for guest disk images:

Disk file (e.g. qcow2-file on an ext4 partition):
Cache mode: writeback
IO mode: threads

Block device (e.g. logical volume):
Cache mode: writethrough
IO mode: native

These settings areĀ just a rough starting point. Because there are many layers of disk io and caching involved (guest application, guest fs / kernel, host fs / kernel, raid controller, hard drive cache, etc.) every installation is different and it is therefore almost impossible to give a general rule of thumb. You need to experiment yourself to find the best combination.