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Free Julian Assange

Britain's politically motivated show trial for Julian Assange's extradition hearing is now scheduled for 07.09.2020.


Weird things to remember about this trial:

- Assange is not a whistleblower himself, he just published information that U.S. government employees revealed to him. In that sense he is protected by the laws of journalism.

- The very same government that he exposed of committing war crimes is now putting him on trial for espionage. Can that be a fair trial?

- The only crime he might have been committed was assisting others to break into U.S. government computers. But because he exposed war crimes of the U.S. government, the trial should take place in front of an "independent" court. As he is an Australian citizen, this trial should obviously take place in Australia.

- By the time the information was exposed to him and to the public, he was not living in the United States, nor is he a U.S. citizen.

- How can it be a crime to reveal a crime?