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Android smartphone "Cubot Echo"

+ Very good overall quality compared to cheap price
+ Good display, camera quality and performance compared to cheap price
+ Large 5.0 inch display
+ HDR photography
+ Up to 128 GB micro sdcard, 16 GB preinstalled ROM
+ Plain Android user experience, no annoying modifications or add-ons
+ Cheap price

- Latest firmware only from June 2017 (does not include security update for WPA2 KRACK attack)
- Android 6 - though Android Version 6 still has the second largest user base as of October 2018
- No 4G / LTE support
- A bit heavy


You can get this Android smartphone for as cheap as 60 EUR. If you can live with the security issues and the missing LTE support, you cannot get more value for your money elsewhere. Especially considering that the upcoming Google Pixel 3 flagship for 850 EUR guarantees Android security updates for only 3 years. You could buy 14 Cubot Echos for that price ...