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Deutsche Telekom F*cked It Up ... AGAIN

Deutsche Telekom and SAP, developers of the official German Corona Warning App, admitted that the app failed to inform users about possible infections for weeks, both under Android and iOS.

As previously reported, this is not the first time Deutsche Telekom's attempt to provide a Corona Warning App failed miserably. 2 of the richest enterprises in Germany are now again too f*cking stupid or ignorant or probably both to put enough money into testing an app of mediocre complexity that could help save thousands of lives.

Thank you, Deutsche Telekom, for bragging about 2019 being the most successful year in the history of the company earlier this year. What exactly do you do with all your money? Dilettantism at its worst!

Update 08.08.2020

... and again and again. Now the automatic QR code is not working. In case of an alert, you have to manually call a hotline, and they write down your name and number on a piece of paper. Talking about the digital agenda ...

I get a very bad feeling about this app ...