Criswell Predicts ... IT in 2020

It Predictions

As new year is approaching, there are - inevitably as every year - predictions about what's coming up in IT in the next year.

Unfortunately everything I have read so far is bleeding obvious: Moving to the cloud, AI will be used everywhere, and Python is becoming the most dominant programming language. Without merely continuing the trends from 2019, here are my wild predictions for 2020:

  • With yet another devastating side channel security breach in Intel and AMD processors, all major cloud providers are moving their server hardware to ARM processors.
  • An unnamed whistle blower reveals that the NSA is using quantum computers and AI to profile every single citizen in the world in real-time. Data is retrieved from decrypted TLS connections by quantum computers, and numerous microsatellites orbiting the earth.
  • Chinese smartphones running their own Chinese Open Source operating system are becoming the defacto standard for secure and affordable mobile devices.
  • Large companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are launching their own space missions to mine natural resources on moon and mars.
  • Large companies like Apple, Google and Facebook begin to span their own microsatellite networks to provide mobile phone and internet services around the globe. National telecommunication companies become obsolete.
  • Deep fake videos are banned by all major industrial countries around the globe. Social media platforms are legally obliged to detect and delete deep fake videos.
  • In a rather controversial press conference Microsoft announces it will discontinue Outlook as an installable email program and urges Windows users to migrate to the corresponding cloud service Office365. Users will have to pay a monthly fee for using Outlook email services. Alternatively Microsoft recommends Mozilla's Thunderbird as an installable email client on local Windows computers.