Farmville 2 on Ubuntu Linux (Flash)

If you have trouble running Farmville 2 on you Linux installation in your browser, you should consider upgrading to the latest Ubuntu 16.04 version. I was experiencing some strange problems with an older Ubuntu 14.04 installation and from one day to the next could not run Farmville 2 any longer:

  • Farmville 2 was showing the initial loading screen with the progress bar right in the center, but the progress bar was not moving at all. There was no sound, no error message. Other flash applications were working fine.
  • I tried different browsers with no success: Chromium, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • I tried different Flash versions with no success: adobe flash, pepperflash

Upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04 (see one of my previous posts) solved the problem. I am using the following versions:

  • Chromium (chromium-browser 50.0.2661.102)
  • Flash (pepperflashplugin-nonfree 1.8.2, flash version

Make sure your browser is using the right flash plugin by typing "about:plugins" in the address bar of your Chromium browser (UPDATE: this page is not working anymore, s. It might be that you have several flash versions installed on your computer and Chromium is using an old one. Check your flash version on the official Adobe website:

Chromium is storing flash plugin information in the folder /etc/chromium-browser/customizations. For every installed flash plugin, there is a flash configuration file:

  • 10-flash (adobe-flashplugin / flashplugin-installer)
  • pepperflashplugin-nonfree (pepperflashplugin-nonfree)

Move the file of the flash package you are not using to a backup location and restart Chromium. The flash configuration file also sets the file location of the flash plugin that gets loaded into your browser. Make sure the plugin file path is pointing to the official flash plugin shared object (/usr/lib/pepperflashplugin-nonfree/

With that configuration I am now able to run Farmville 2 on Facebook and use all of its features (which were not all working before either):

  • Full screen mode
  • Sound on/off toggle
  • Screenshot


  • Flash is known to have frequent security issues. If you do not absolutely need Flash, you should remove it from your computer.
  • If you choose to install it, at least make sure to only run Flash applications after you have confirmed them manually. Both Firefox and Chrome/Chromium allow you to configure this option.
  • You might also want to install a second browser without Flash for regular internet surfing, and only use your Flash enabled browser for Farmville 2.
  • Make sure to regularly update your Flash package as soon as there is a new version available.